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Without qualification, Brian and Carol are at the top of that list

We have lived on the coast for 13 years and have worked with five real estate agents during that time. Without qualification, Brian and Carol are at the top of that list. They aggressively marketed our home to a wide audience, used their personal selling influence with local and regional brokers, and kept us informed of events in a timely manner. More importantly, they helped us decide what was important in positioning our house, kept costs to a minimum, and sold the home for exactly what they predicted it would go for at our first interview.

If you are looking for a team with professionalism, dedication and excellent communication skills, I would recommend them without qualification. Please feel free to contact us if you would like a verbal recommendation as well.

Thanks for your attention!
Bill and Lauren Hipp”

We highly recommend the services of Carol and Brian

“If you are listing a home to sell or looking to buy a home in the area, we highly recommend the services of Carol and Brian. We tried over the years to sell our unique home and met with no luck at all, not even a bad offer. We decided to try one more time and were impressed with the confidence and enthusiasm of Carol and Brian. It was not a matter of ‘if’ our house sold, but of ‘when.’ They never deviated from the certainty of a good sale and went all out with advertising, especially utilizing the internet to get our house exposed beyond the local area. Our buyers came ready for action, having downloaded the scoop on our property beforehand, complete with video tour. As the negotiations began, Carol and Brian represented us fairly and gave sensible advice during the counteroffers, etc. We could tell them our feelings throughout the transaction and found them sensitive to our needs, yet keeping a good rapport with the buyer side of things. A happy transaction for us all! Buying or selling a home gets emotional at times, so a special relationship with the realtor certainly helps. We felt their excellent success with our home merited a letter of recommendation – and thanks!

Dr. & Mrs. Alan Palmer”

I want to thank you both for the incredible job you did

I write now because on behalf of each of us I want to thank you both for the incredible job you did for us in finding our new home. There were many times that you told us that you would find a dream home for us but it was only really sitting there in the quiet star-light that we realized how right you had been.

As you know, we worked with a number of agents. I will not even waste braincells trying to draw comparison with the service, education, calm advice, good humor, warmth and professionalism of the service that you and Brian extended to us.

House hunting is meant to be a chore. With you guys, it was always a pleasure. You were upbeat. You were kind. You never once wasted our time with a complete no-hoper and yet often you showed us homes that were so very nearly right. Even then – and I know that at times we must have seemed like Mr and Mrs Fusspot from Planet Perfection – it is to your credit that you remained patiently focussed on our feelings and our needs.

However, once we found our new home, you guys stepped up several gears and moved pretty darn fast. We made the right offer, in the right way (all on your advice) and got the house. In just days. Then, using your mortgage guy my recollection is that we pretty much bought the place over the phone. I kept waiting for something to go wrong as it seemed too easy… but it never did. And anyway, in the event of problems I figured you two would know exactly what to do anyway!

But, of course, it went like a dream.

The end result is that we have a wonderful home, beyond anything that we ever really thought we would find and we’ve made – we hope – a couple of friends for life too.

Carol and Brian, thank you for all of your help. Thank you more though for your kind advice, the warmth and generousity of your spirit and also – most of all – for never letting it be anything but fun and an adventure.

See you soon, with love
Jonathan, Caroline and Milo

Your resourcefulness and obvious interest in us as clients and in our needs was very reassuring

I wanted to say thank you once again for all of your efforts in finding our home in Redwood City. Your resourcefulness and obvious interest in us as clients and in our needs was very reassuring. It helped us tremendously in our relocation from Pennsylvania back to the Bay Area.

The ease with which you have mixed technology, especially your web site and email, with your practice of the real estate profession is certainly an asset for the clients you serve who use these same tools! We felt that we knew you before we even met to begin our househunting trips. The level of responsiveness and close communication were very important to us.

Joan Barriere

First and foremast we just want to say: Thank you!!!

I know the words are big, but they in no way, shape or form communicate the way we feel about all that you did for us. Carl and I realIze that If it hadn’t been for your dedication and perseverance, we would never have qualIfIed for a loan, at least this side of the bay. I don’t think a hundred thousand dollar commission would suffice for all the wonderful attention you provided.

Carl and I have set our goal to hopefully buy our second home 5 or 10 years. Of course you must realize that we wouldn’t have any other broker or agent help us should that occasion arise.

For now, thank you from the bottom or our hearts and God bless you both!

Deanna, Carl, Amber and Carmen Courtemanche

Being in a service business myself, it is a true pleasure to have the opportunity to work with such a professional couple such as yourselves

Greetings from the South! It is amazing how quickly time passes. It is hard to believe I havc been in position far three months now. Moreover, it is equally amazing how accurately priced and quickly the two of you sold our home in Half Moon Bay. The sale of our home couldn’t have been possible without all the efforts In advertIsing and getting our home shown to as many potential buyers. What a thrill it was to see our home on the Internet, and in print in so many real estate publications. It was with your tireless efforts at the many open houses planned on weekends and the follow-up with those who showed an interest that made our relocation a smooth and easy transition.

Being in a service business myself, it is a true pleasure to have the opportunity to work with such a professional couple such as yourselves. You both compliment each other in your communication and attention to detail, which are qualities that are a rare find in today’s hectic business environment. I’m spoiled now when it comes to finding another realtor for our next move; they will have high standards to live up to. I can only hope that my next promotion takes us back to San Francisco where I know I would be sure to find the perfect house with your help. Until then, I send you our sincere appreciation and thanks for the whole family.

Carmen Blanco

I did not expect to receive all of the extra service that Brian provided

Now that my condo sale has closed, I would like to send you a special letter of thanks for all of the extra effort that you and Brian put into my transaction.

I especially appreciate your trouble in sending all the e-mail, and the multiple faxes to Norway. Communications is very important, and you did a great job keeping me informed of the status of offers and escrow proceedings.

When I retained you, I did not expect to receive all of the extra service that Brian provided. I was very impressed that he painted my deck and took care of several maintenance problems at no extra charge. The two of you make a very good team!

I am delighted that my sale turned out so well, and it was a pleasure to work with you. I would be pleased to highly recommend you to any prospective client.

Nancy S. Lee”

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